The Sony SRS-X9 HQ Wireless SpeakerRating-5-5

The SRS-X9 from Sony has been a long time coming but has definitely been worth the wait. It may have been 3-years in the making and the result is fantastic. This is a premium product at a premium price and Sony have put sound quality and connectivity at the forefront of this impressive offering.

Sony SRS-X9



Sony have used a minimalistic styling approach with this speaker and have included a glass top panel that features a number of touch sensitive buttons. These control volume and the source selection and have a proximity sensor that lights them up when you get close to them.
The front features a removable aluminium grille. Behind this is a large woofer and two passive radiators, two midrange drivers and two tweeters. It also has two more located on the top panel which help with sound dispersal.
The seven drivers are powered by an eight channel amp, developed specifically for high-res audio. Total output is 154W.

Sony SRS-X9 - Cover off



The SRS-X9 has been designed to cater for most types of connectivity, giving the user maximum flexibility. It is capable of receiving music via AirPlay, streaming files wirelessly via Bluetooth. It is also equipped with DLNA for wireless networked streaming and is even equipped with both USB A and B ports too.
If you don’t want to use the SRS-X9 wirelessly then there is also an Ethernet port on the back too.

Sony SRS-X9 - Inputs



Connecting to the SRS-X9 is really simple. There’s even a WPS button for a quick connection (with compatible devices). There is also a Sony app that helps you get up and running in a few simple steps and controls the music you’re listening to.
The SongPal app certainly does allow you to get the best from the SRS-X9 and take advantage of high def audio.


Sound Performance

The sound quality is very impressive. There is plenty of room-filling power being delivered and plenty of quality in the detailed sound output.  It delivers a fantastic sense of scale and a full-bodied, rich tone aided by those top tweeters that really do disperse the sound beautifully.
Low end ranges are dealt with beautifully without compromising precision and depth and overall the sound quality puts it firmly in B&W A7 territory.
Some have said that there is a little harshness at top end volumes and we did find some evidence of this but overall the sound is incredibly impressive.



The Sony SRS-X9 has been well designed and well built. It is an instantly recognizable success and an impressive achievement. It is a premium product but the price tag doesn’t match. This really is a great-value option.  Also, it supports great connectivity options and delivers beautiful sound with presence and delivery that is perfectly happy in a large room.
Well done Sony.


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