The Excellent Sony NS-510 Portable Wireless Speaker With AirPlayRating-5-5

The beautiful and excellent sounding Sony NS-510 AirPlay speaker from Sony is just what you would expect from one of the best, quality manufacturers in the world – an excellent product that sounds amazing, works really well and has some great design touches.

Sony NS510 AirPlay Speaker

The NS510 is at the top end of the range, it being the bigger brother of the NS310 and NS410. It is beautiful, portable and sounds great.

Sony NS Range


Let’s face it, it looks great. It is a real talking point when people see it and it beautifully integrates that lovely carrying handle in the “spout” of the speaker. It has a small input panel on the back and this is where you can plus in your charging cable, connect a 3.5mm inout (if you want to wire in other non-wireless sources) and this is also where you can even wire it into your LAN.  It is a fair size (241 × 325 × 241 mm) and weighs just over 4kg.  It is the largest and more beautiful speak in the range, as you can see above.

Thoughtful touches like the Party button allow you to run this speaker with any other supported units in a multiroom setup. You can press Party on the multiple speakers and then send the same


The Sony NS510 features 360 degree sound. It has speakers that push sound up and out from the base of the unit and the sound certainly fills the room. As you’d expect from Sony, the sound quality is excellent and there isn’t a whiff of distortion here, despite the full and excellent bass. We love the sound of this unit.


Sony have gone a long way to make this easy. You can use your PC or an iOS or Android App to set this speaker up. Basically you need to get it onto your wireless network and then you can take this speaker where you go – as long as your wireless goes there to.


It looks great, it sounds great, support AirPlay and DLNA and is a fantastic, quality offering from Sony that you can move around your house and have wired or wireless (as long as you stay on your wireless network). The sound fills the room and it can be used with other compatible devices in Party mode. It is fantastic and at around £200 it is great value too.


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