Philips Fidelio SoundSphere DS9800W AirPlay Speaker SystemRating-5-5

Philips Fidelio have been putting out some very good speakers for mobile devices for a few years now. They don’t have the prominence or prestige of the B&W offerings but having heard great things about the rather unique SoundSphere DS9800W speaker system I was really keen to get my hands on them.

They consist of two beautiful speakers, an iDevice charging dock with an old-school 30-pin connector (not Lightning, so beware) and a remote.

Philips Fidelio DS9880W SoundSphere


The speakers in the SoundSphere and rather hefty and are made of wood. Their heft and construction allows the bass to really shine and they look amazing. I thought the B&W Zeppelin was an adventurous design but the DS9800Ws really stand out. They are finished in several coats of lacquer to give them that wonderful glossy finish.

Each case has a 25mm tweeter mounted on a rigid arm above the 5-inch mid-bass driver. Also, they are leant slightly forward to aid projection.

The build quality is fantastic, reinforcing the fact that these are aimed at the higher end of the market.

They are designed to be a centrepiece, not to be placed on the side in the kitchen.

Audio Quality

The audio quality is excellent. The DS9800W delivers impeccably crisp beats and astonishing vocal purity. It’s a beautifully smooth and lucid sound, with refined high frequencies and deep, well-integrated bass.

One if the big selling points of these speakers is the ability to get a great stereo experience. These speakers are connected by a fairly substantial cable that means you can split them by about up to 15ft.

The stereo results are great and rare in the AirPlay speaker niche.

The Philips FullSound technology really adds detail and depth to the sound.

Also, you can tweak the sound output quality a little with the free Fidelio app.

Philips Fidelio DS9800W SoundSphere AirPlay Rear


One of the speakers has the Wi-Fi receiver built in and features a 2 x 50W digital amplifier.

There is also a panel where you will find a 3.5mm aux input, standby and ‘Wi-Fi setup’ buttons, a port for the mains lead and a pair of sturdy binding posts.

The other speaker simply sports binding posts on the back.

Remote Control

The remote sports just a few buttons to control iPod playback, input selection, mute and power. It’s very well made and sits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Philips Fidelio DS9800W SoundSphere AirPlay


The Philips Fidelio SoundSphere DS9800W AirPlay speaker system isn’t a cheap option, but it delivers the fantastic sound quality to go with its hefty price tag.
They are quite simply one of the best-sounding speaker systems around. Plus they look stunning and are beautifully put together.

We can’t recommend them highly enough. Even if the dock provided doesn’t even have a Lightning connection!

If you have the space and the budget then buy them today!!

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