The Airstream S300 AirPlay Speaker from Monitor AudioRating-5-5

Compact and curvy, the Monitor Audio Airstream S300 is an impressive AirPlay speakers that delivers 140W stereo sound that doesn’t fail to impress. It has great looks, great sound and a bespoke app and protocol for making use without an existing wifi network as easy as pie.

Monitor Audio S300 AirPlay Speaker 1


Build & Features

The S300 is compact and curved, the latter of which helps broaden its sound delivery to fill the room, and comes in two finishes – black and white. It packs four amplifiers driving its four CCAM drive units, configured into stereo pairs of bass units and tweeters.


The controls are simple and are found in the top front of the speaker. A power button, source selection and volume controls are all you will need. These elegant and well positioned buttons really do reflect the quality of build and style that we are coming to expect from Monitor Audio.


There are a couple of options for connectivity.  The S300 supports wireless connections via AirPlay or via its proprietary Airstream Direct. It also sports a 3.5mm input for other auxiliary  audio sources.


Airstream connects your device directly to the Monitor Audio Airstream S300’s own network, which is great for when there’s no wi-fi. However, you’ll only be able to play songs and playlists stored locally or offline. This is due to you not being able to access the Internet when connected directly to the Airstream.

Monitor Audio S300 AirPlay Speaker 2



Sound Quality

We found that the S300 delivered a big, exciting sound with superb clarity and stacks of detail.  This really is a very nice sound that due to the curved shape of the unit and the setup of the speaker really does deliver.


The midrange and top end really are great but if we had once tiny criticism then it would be that the bass could be slightly more taut. It does deliver a solid and weighty punch, but a little more refinement would make this truly perfect.  However, it is still very, very impressive.



The Monitor Audio Airstream S300 really is a quality compact speaker and one that really does pack a punch with some great sound.


It may not be as feature-rich as some other speakers out there but this does exactly it says on the box – it is a quality AirPlay speaker and we have no hesitation in awarding it 5 stars, especially at this price.

Monitor Audio S300 AirPlay Speaker 3


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