The Logitech UE Air AirPlay Speaker DockRating-4-5

The Logitech UE Air AirPlay Speaker is branded both Logitech and Ultimate Ears (Ultimate Ears was bought by Logitech back in 2008).


The Logitech UE Air is shaped like a single curved wing, weighs in at 4.4kg and measures 506mm x 152mm x 140mm. It really is a really beautiful piece of kit.

It is clearly well built and it features a pleasing mix of minimal piano black on the top, a matt rear finish to keep away the dust and the fixed material grill covering the front speaker.

It sports a smart dock that can be hidden away when not in use. It is spring-loaded and simply slides out when you press it and unlike a lot of other docks it can even hold an iPad. It is worth noting that the dock is an old-school 30-pin Apple dock and NOT a new Lightning connector.

There are only a few controls on the Logitech UE Air. Playback is designed to be controlled by the audio source device and Logitech don’t even provide a remote.

Logitech UE Air


Setup & App

Setting up AirPlay on the Logitech UE Air is a breeze. Simply plug your Apple device into the dock connector and it will prompt you to install the UE Air app. When done, the app will detect the dock, along with the Wi-Fi network you are using. Type the Wi-Fi network password into the app, this is sent to the dock and you’re done. The app gives all the info to the speaker and it adds itself to your wireless network.

The app doesn’t offer the level of acoustic control seen in the app for the Libratone Live, but there is bass and treble adjustment.

Setup is slightly more involved with a PC but the instructions provided make this fairly straightforward.

Sound Quality

The Logitech UE Air is not the best dock we’ve ever heard, but it is pretty decent. It has a good balance between bass and midrange but the lower power output means it can’t match the volume of powerhouses like the Zeppelin Air (150W), Libratone Live (150W) and i-deck 200 (140W), but it will fill a reasonable sized room.

The UE Air does lose some composure and detail on particularly bass heavy tracks. This is where the lack of a dedicated bass driver starts to show, reducing drive and emotion.


The Logitech UE Air has a mid-range price for a premium dock, which is exactly where its audio performance deserves to be.

It is beautifully designed, well made and comes with AirPlay at a reasonable price.

The lack of a dedicated bass driver and the slightly underwhelming power are the main shortcomings here, but overall the UE Air does a very solid job.


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