The Denon Cocoon Stream DSD-501 AirPlay Speaker

This isn’t Denon’s first Cocoon speaker and things have moved on. They have ditched the 30-pin idock and added AirPlay for wireless streaming. They have, thankfully, kept the incredible sound quality :)
Denon Cocoon DSD-501 -


Denon’s DSD-501 looks a little plain but has beautiful lines and it very well put together. It has a metal base engraved with the Denon logo.
The Cocoon name belies the bulbous shape and it really stands out whether you take it in black or white. It would look at home on a desk or on a shelf but you can even select the optional floor stand or wall bracket if you wish.
There is a strip of illuminated, touch sensitive control buttons for basic operation of the speaker on top of Cocoon Stream. There is also a remote control provided but the speaker is best controlled via the free smartphone app.
The front speaker grill clips around the built in small display screen (function display and clock) and is removable, allowing you to clean it. Taking off the cover reveals the speakers.
Denon Cocoon DSD-501 COVER OFF -
The total power output of the Denon Cocoon Stream DSD-501 is 100W (4x 25W with 2x Class D Drivers and 2x 40mm tweeters). The unit measures in at 451 x 236 x 170 mm (W x H x D) and weighs in at 5.4kg.


This is really easy on the Cocoon. Simply connect your Apple idevice into the USB port, press the NETLINK button on the back of the cocoon and type in your network password when promoted. It really is very straightforward.


The connections are found on the rear panel and include a USB socket, a 3.5mm aux input and even a LAN connector.
The USB can be used for playing back from and charging an Apple idevice. Android users can also connect but will only be able to charge via the USB.
Denon Cocoon DSD-501 Connections -

Sound Quality

The Cocoon Stream DSD-501 sounds fantastic. It delivers a powerful room filling sound with plenty of bass whilst maintaining a great delivery of the mid and high ranges. The sound is tight and controlled and really enjoyable. It also gives the vocal plenty of warmth and body and doesn’t sound harsh or brittle at all. We really love the sound quality delivered by the Cocoon.
There is also a built-in Loudness function which extends deep bass and treble performance at lower volume levels.

Remote & Smartphone Control App

A basic remote control cones in the box with the cocoon and this works fine. If you want a better experience, though, then you can use the Denon Cocoon app (available free for iOS and Android).
Denon Cocoon DSD-501 Remote -
Within the app the controls are neatly arranged, as you’d expect, plus the app can also be used to search and stream internet radio stations through the Cocoon. You can save three stations as favourites.
You can also use it to connect to a local NAS too. Plus if your Android device has a DLNA player app, you can then use it to stream audio to the Cocoon across your local wifi network.
The app also allows you to make use of a sleep timer function.
Denon Cocoon DSD-501 SIDE -


The addition of AirPlay and the removal of the old-style idock make sense and the Cocoon Stream speaker is quite simply great.
You will love the sound and if you like the looks too then this could be the speaker for you. The sound quality is fantastic an this is a really good quality speaker, probably one of the best in its price range.
It’s great that Denon hasn’t changed a lot from the original Cocoon. It’s a great-sounding speaker that’s easy to set up and use and we highly recommend it.


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