The Incredible B&W Zeppelin AirRating-4-5

Bowers & Wilkins, the Brighton-based speaker magicians, started a revolution with the release of the Zeppelin all those years ago.

It’s bold styling really made people take notice….. and then they heard it and fell in love with the incredible sound quality.

The uniquely-styled speaker featured a 30-pin Apple dock and it quickly built up a huge fan base.

b&w zeppelin air - 1

Zeppelin Air

Later followed the Zeppelin Air, inviting more people to the party by becoming THE AirPlay speaker dock. B&W took the opportunity to tweak some of the niggles from the original Zeppelin and also upgraded some of the components (including the speakers) and increased the power output as well.

But how good was it and how does it stack up to the original Zeppelin?

b&w zeppelin air

Well, firstly, you can still buy the Zeppelin Air today. It has been updated and one great change is that it can now feature a Lightning dock instead of the traditional 30-pin dock.

b&w zeppelin air - remote


Sound Quality

Fantastic and even a real step up from the original Zeppelin in many ways. It is louder, with a deeper and punchier bass whilst maintaining the natural midrange and sparkling treble of the Zeppelin original. There is a sense of weight and impressive depth to the bass, and it sounds tight and sharply defined too.

The unique shape and speaker configuration really do a great job at approximating a stereo experience, probably one of the best that any one box solution has achieved.

The sound quality was awesome!!

The first Zeppelin took the analogue signal from a connected iPod; the Zeppelin Air takes the digital data stream and uses its own internal DAC to process the signal.

b&w zeppelin air - 2


The B&W Zeppelin Air sounds great, functionality is much improved and sound quality is a step ahead of the original Zeppelin. Another winner from B&W.

When it original came out the B&W Zeppelin Air was 5-stars all the way. However, things have moved in and though it is still incredible it has been rated at 4-stars here.

Check whether it is a Lightning or 30-pin dock that you need before you buy though.


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