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The B&W A5 AirPlay Speaker is the little brother to the amazing B&W A7 that everyone, including us, continue to rave about.


It’s an impressive AirPlay speaker that, like the A7, is understated whilst being beautifully built and delivering exceptional sound quality.


The B&W Zeppelin Air revolutionized the speaker dock with its daring styling, great build quality and brilliant sound. The A5, and A7 for that matter, dispense with the dock and focus purely on delivering a great AirPlay experience in a box that looks elegant wherever it is placed, delivers amazing sound quality and most of all lives up to the B&W reputation.

B&W A5 AiPlay Speaker Review

Size And Build Quality

The A5 looks stunning. Its simple brushed metal top and matching band contrasts perfectly with the black cloth. There’s no plastic on show and even the volume and power buttons are built into the metal band.


This is clearly a premium product at a premium price. It is quite hefty for its bookshelf-friendly dimensions (180mm x 300mm x 120mm) but this probably helps it deliver that great sound.



Being a wireless speaker there are very few connector options on the A5. It has an Aux-in and an Ethernet port to compliment the wireless connection.

B&W A5 AirPlay Speaker Review - Rear


Speaker Components

The B&W A5 features two 1-inch tube aluminium tweeters and two 4-inch mid/low range drivers. These allow the A5 to project a sound so great for its size that it’s sometimes easy to forget that it is a one-box system.



Setup is simple, as it always is with wireless B&W speakers these days. Simply install the iOS B&W AirPlay Setup app and you will be up and running in a few minutes.


Sound Quality

This is a premium product at a premium price but you can’t expect this smaller speaker to give the same amazing sound quality and volume that its big brother, the A7, does.


However, it is great!! The sound produced is incredible and though the A7 is in a different league the A5 delivers a full, detailed sound and at impressive volume. It really is great.


The A7 is aimed at the living room. The B&W A5 is not quite equipped for that. B&W seem to want the A5 to compliment that amazing living room setup with the A5. They want it to be the speaker of choice for slightly smaller areas like the bedroom, study or kitchen.


B&W A5 AirPlay Speaker Review - Shelf



The B&W A5 isn’t cheap, but with excellent build quality and incredible sound it is certainly value for money. It won’t replace the A7 as our speaker of choice but it is a great option for smaller rooms where the A7 would be overkill.

It is another great product from the masters at Bowers & Wilkins.

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