Azatom Stealth-Air 2A Speaker with AirPlayRating-5-5

The impressive Stealth-Air 2A from Azatom really does put some of the more expensive offerings to shame. This unit packs a punch that certainly allows it to square up to the mighty B&W A5 on power and sound quality.  An awesome array of connectivity options means that this can be a great option for most people.
But does being significantly cheaper than the B&W A5 mean that the Stealth-Air 2A is a fantastic bargain or a pale imitation?

Azatom Stealth-Air 2A - Profile


– AirPlay, Bluetooth, Wifi-direct, USB, 3.5mm Aux.
– 3 speaker multiroom option via AirPlay.
– ClassHD amplifier delivering 120 Watts Max power (80 Watts RMS) via the 5 drivers.




It is compact and the build quality of the Stealth-Air 2A is impressive. It comes in black with some brushed Aluminium finish. It is reassuringly solid and looks great.  This unit measures in at 35.5 x 26.5 x 17 cm and weighs in at 4 Kg.
The top control panel features 3 buttons – Volume up and down plus a mode / power button and the overall look is stylish and well thought out and implemented.

Azatom Stealth-Air 2A - Top
The material cover hides the 2x 52mm Anodised tweeters, 1x 120mm active Mid Range driver and 2x 150mm x 100mm mass optimised passive subwoofers.
It is a pleasing, modern design and it comes with a slimline remote control.
One other lovely additional feature is the ability to have up to three of these units working together to give you multiroom AirPlay audio. This is a feature of some of the more expensive options so to see it delivered as part of this impressive package really does add a lot of value.



It comes with some great connectivity options. AirPlay, obviously, Bluetooth, Wifi-direct, a 3.5mm aux port plus a USB to allow you to charge your device too.  This really is a great array of connection options, especially in a speaker that is so reasonably priced.

Azatom Stealth-Air 2A - Rear

Sound Quality

The Class HD amplifier technology produces lower distortion, reduced EMI, reduced idle power consumption and greater efficiency. But how does this impact the overall sound performance? It enhances it greatly.  This pretty speaker really does deliver on sound.
The 5 drivers produce a fantastic result in the 2.1 + 2 configuration. Great highs, mids and plenty of bass for such a small unit, we are really impressed with the quality of audio this delivers.
The amp really does cut out the distortion and you can enjoy the sound quality at all volumes on this device.

Azatom Stealth-Air 2A - Front


Azatom have delivered a very, very good speaker here, especially at this price-point, with some excellent technology delivering some a sound.
Add to this the inclusion of Bluetooth, Wifi direct, the USB port and 3.5mm aux port then you can see why this makes the Stealth-Air 2A such a great bargain.
This an easy and flexible device to use and enjoy and we have been really impressed by it.


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