The Audio Pro Allroom Air One AirPlay SpeakerRating-5-5

The impressive Audio Pro Allroom Air One could just be the best AirPlay speaker around. With a great finish and impressive sound it really is tough to beat. It also comes with a bundle of features, has a lot of inputs and can even be part of an Audio Pro multiroom setup. All this for a lot less than the B&W A7 makes a compelling case for passing it the crown of Best AirPlay Speaker.


Clearly they have spent a lot of time on the design and build quality if the Allroom Air One. The finish is great and, though a bit boxy, you can’t argue with what it delivers. It comes finished in stitched leather in either black, red or white and delivers its great sound from four individual drivers with dedicated amps.

Clearly the Air One looks quite boxy but the finish is incredible. It really is a premium product and the sound quality just blows us away.

Setting Up

Adding the Allroom Air One to the local wireless network is really straightforward. Simply connect it to your idevice via USB, press the Wi-Fi and Playdirect buttons on the back of the speaker together and then select “Allow” on your idevice when you see the prompt.

If you don’t have a wifi network then simply use the Direct Link button on the remote control and the speaker creates its own network. This is a really nice touch that we are seeing on more and more AirPlay speakers and that fits so well with the AirPlay ethos of just making things work.

Remote Control

The Air One comes with a credit-card-sized remote control which, unlike others by B&W or Cambridge Audii, is pretty easy to use. The buttons are a good size and the speaker responds quickly to your selections.


In addition to AirPlay you can plug in directly using the speaker’s USB socket or use the 3.5mm input. The Air One even has an optical digital input (TOSLINK) which really makes it stand out. This speaker is designed to be at the heart of your home audio setup.

Also, this speaker can be setup as part of a whole-home solution with other Audio Pro speakers. You can set up the speakers so that you can enjoy a great multiroom experience.


The Audio Pro Allroom Air One produces some smile-inducing sounds. The audio is room filling, crisp and really detailed. It is really impressive with a perfect balance between weight and clarity and it is never bright or hard. The bass is really good and it deals with pretty much anything you throw at it easily.

It delivers a really satisfying listening experience and holds its own with pretty much anything out there in the AirPlay speaker arena. Having used it for a while now we are really happy with it and considering how much cheaper it is than the B&W A7 (the current king) and closely the performance is matched (some say the Air One is actually better sounding) then we have to pass the crown over to this fantastic speaker.


The Audio Pro Allroom Air One AirPlay Speaker is arguably one of the best Airplay speaker out there and really packs a lot of features into a great-looking box that delivers some truly impressive sounds.

At its price it even beats the amazing B&W A7 and if you can stretch your budget to it you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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