The AQ SmartSpeaker With AirPlayRating-5-5


The AQ SmartSpeaker looks smart and is making a bit of a buzz due to a really great party piece. This remarkable portable wireless and AirPlay speaker is a very tempting proposition as not only does it look great, sound great and give you up to 20 hours or wireless delight – but also it you pair two of them together and you can create a pair of completely wireless stereo speakers.


That’s right… you can have one on its own or buy them as a pair for a truly wireless stereo experience :)



AQ SmartSpeaker with AirPlay is designed to impress. The flattened tube-like shape combined with a simple black-silver-grey colour combo looks great from all angles and the red rubber foot looks great too. It’s smooth finish makes it look alluring and near perfect.


It has a really great, high-quality finish with the black speaker fabric perfectly fitted and the controls neatly integrated into the silver trim. It feels strong but soft to the touch.


It’s quite light, as you would hope from a portable speaker) but with dimensions of 245mm x 135mm x 109mm (HxWxD) it’s not perfect for taking out of the house but if you want the flexibility to move this into other rooms at home for short periods or to put it into the garden then this could be perfect for you.


AQ SmartSpeaker WIth AirPlay



This is primary an AirPlay Speaker but there is a 3.5mm jack on the back too for connecting any other sound source.


AirPlay setup is beautifully simple. Just plug your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad into the rear USB port using your normal Apple USB cable, then press the two volume buttons on the SmartSpeaker. A prompt will appear asking if you’re happy for the SmartSpeaker to look up the Wi-Fi settings from your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. Simply click ‘Yes’ and you are all done.


There is also an AQ Audio app that you can download from the from the app store, which lets you manually input the Wi-Fi settings and also rename each speaker.


Once connected to your local Wi-Fi network you can then simply select the SmartSpeaker from your AirPlay device or iTunes and you can start enjoying the quality.


Sound Quality

Firstly, just remember that this is a portable speaker, which means it is never going to give you perfect, room-filling sound. This speaker sets out to provide great audio quality whilst being portable and giving a useful battery life. Understand that and you will simply love the sound quality. It is rich and fairly loud but if we had one criticism it would be that it perhaps lacks a little bass.


Needless to say we are delighted with this product and happy to give it a 5-star rating!!

Party Piece

If you connect two of these great SmartSpeakers to your Wi-Fi then you can use the switch on the back of each speaker to set them to be either the right or left channel, creating a completely wireless stereo speaker arrangement. This is fantastic and is great to finally see someone bringing some lovely, thoughtful features to their AirPlay speakers.

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